Desicated coconut powder


Desiccated coconut powder is obtained by drying ground or shredded coconut kernel after the removal of brown testa.It finds extensive use in confectioneries,puddings and many other food preparations as a substitute to raw grated coconut.Natural coconut fat in the diet leads to a normalization of body lipids, protects against alcohol damage to the liver, and improves the immune system’s anti-inflammatory response.Coconut contains dietary fiber which passes through the digestive tract without being broken down or absorbed and is passed out of the body. Instead of contributing to health problems like starch and sugar,fiber promotes good health.

Features :
1. Anti-Bacterial
2. Anti-Viral
3. Anti-Protozoal
Applications :
1. Topping for curries
2. ingredient in cooked cereal or granola
3. baked goods
4. Confectionaries
5. puddings